Dear clients,
As a firm we are understanding of your worries during this time regarding the masters offices and the estates matters held.
Please note that we have a candidate attorney that goes to the masters offices almost everyday and as you can see from the lines below it is on most days almost impossible to get in.
Once she gets in most of the staff are still working on a rotational system and are not in and when we try and consult with estate controllers we are advised that we are unable to due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We are then told whom to email and when we email they either do not answer or read the emails or we are told that that person isn’t dealing with it and we must find someone else.
We up until recently were not even allowed to get documents stamped as proof of lodgment so how can we even prove to clients we were following up on matters!
Please see the below picture where there is further investigations into the masters offices being held this was in a recent paper, as well as an email we have received to say they aren’t going to deal with attorneys matters because they are too busy ( I have blocked out the relevant parties name and email address).
Please note that we are trying alternatives everyday and will continue to push the system until we have the matters sorted out. Don’t give up faith with us and watch this space.