Change can be difficult but without it we wouldn’t be able to learn to grow.
A message from Jessica Schwenn:
“It has officially been a year since I took over this firm, a year of doing my best to keep the legacy that was created going – even on the hardest days.
When I took over the firm I had 10 employees working under me, some who have come and gone, many of which clients have noticed. Because of this as well as the hardening economic conditions that we as a society and a business were left with from COVID 19 it was a decision of mine to restructure the business.
I have downscaled and I now work as an independent attorney with two other staff. The estates and conveyancing departments for now have been outsourced to another firm who have been kind in assisting us in our time of restructuring. We will be involved in these matters but to a lesser extent and those who are involved have all been contacted.
This is not a sad story, this is a story of survival, a story of strength and persistence as Schwenn Incorporated continues to have their doors open to serve our clients in the best way possible.”
Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Jessica on or 031 003 0630.