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What to keep in mind when buying a property

Our latest blog explains what should, both the buyer and seller take into account before buying or selling a property. Our blog explains various terms in a contract of sale and who is responsible for the various costs involved, these include agents commission and legal fees. WHAT REQUIREMENTS SHOULD A PURCHASER TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE BUYING […]


What is racism in the workplace?

  What is racism in the workplace?   In the news currently is the matter of a teacher that was suspended for posting pictures of children in her class, apparently segregated by race. Another relevant case has just been decided by our Constitutional Court, where a man was dismissed for referring to a co-employee as […]


PARENTING COORDINATORS – WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT ARE THEIR POWERS?   The term Parental Coordination is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is used in high conflict divorce and custody matters that must be headed by either a mental health professional or a family law professional. This type of alternative dispute resolution is […]

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What is FICA and why do we need it??

WHAT IS FICA and WHY WE NEED IT?   FICA stands for The Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which came into effect on 1 July 2003.   FICA was introduced to fight financial crime, such as money laundering, tax evasion, and terrorist financing activities. FICA brings South Africa in line with similar legislation in other countries.   FICA is essentially a […]


  When is the right time to get a divorce?   As attorneys we often get asked by our clients when the right time is to get a divorce? It’s a difficult question to answer.  We strongly recommend that you get the support and advice to make this decision from a trusted personal advisor, spiritual […]


GOOD NEWS FOR SINGLE PARENTS: It was common practice that both parents of children had to submit their income and expenditure to the schools which their children attend. This was most predominantly used when parents were applying for any exemptions for their children’s school fees. This was the practice even if the parents were divorced […]

How to calculate maintenance for your children

    How do I calculate maintenance for my child?   Every parent is responsible for the maintenance needs of their children. These needs are however, the REASONABLE needs of the child. One calculates the child’s share to the common household as one part per child and two parts per adult. To put it in […]

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber Bullying and Harassment in South Africa What is bullying? Any type of behaviour by one or more persons that cause either physical, emotional or psychological harm to another person or persons. Examples of bullying include: Calling people names Hitting, punching and biting Spreading rumours Threatening or intimidating people Cyber bullying is an extension of […]


THE 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM KICKED OFF IN KZN UNDER THE THEME #HEARMETOO: END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN The South African government launched the campaign for the year 2018 in Melmoth, KwaZulu-Natal under the #HearMeToo: End Violence Against Women and Children theme. During this time, the government will engage communities and hold discussions about […]

How divorce works in South Africa

DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS SUMMARY: There are two courts in South Africa that deal with Divorces. One is the High Court and the other is the Regional Court. However, most divorces go through the High Court. A court has the jurisdiction or right to hear the divorce due to the fact that the parties/ party are domiciled […]