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School Fee – Reduction for single parents

    SINGLE PARENTS WILL PAY LOWER SCHOOL FEES In a recent SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) Court case – Head of Department: Western Cape Education Department & another v S (Women’s Legal Centre as Amicus Curiae) (1209/2016) [2017] ZASCA 187 (13 December 2017) it was found that a single parent could and should be […]

Labour law – know your rights regarding your leave.

It’s that time of year where everyone is burnt out, getting sick and generally just trying to plan their holidays.  Do you understand your employment contract and how much leave you are entitled to? Let’s take a look at the types of leave an employee is afforded according to South African law:     Annual […]


The Importance of having a living will

In light of wills week this month (16 to 20 September 2019) we thought we would highlight the importance of drafting a living will when drafting your last will and testament. What is a living will? It is a document in which you give instructions to your medical doctor and your family that in the […]



Should a spouse be entitled to payment of a monthly amount of maintenance for themselves when they get divorced? The simple answer is “no”.  Our courts try to ensure what is known as a “clean break principle” on divorce, ensuring that as much as possible that each party goes their separate ways after a divorce.  […]


These terms are often mentioned in laws, contracts and news articles.  What do they actual mean? Status refers to your rights and responsibilities in civil and criminal law and whether you can sue or be sued. This is further limited by your domicile (where you live and consider to be your home country), your age […]