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Should a spouse be entitled to payment of a monthly amount of maintenance for themselves when they get divorced? The simple answer is “no”.  Our courts try to ensure what is known as a “clean break principle” on divorce, ensuring that as much as possible that each party goes their separate ways after a divorce.  […]


These terms are often mentioned in laws, contracts and news articles.  What do they actual mean? Status refers to your rights and responsibilities in civil and criminal law and whether you can sue or be sued. This is further limited by your domicile (where you live and consider to be your home country), your age […]

The law of adoption in South Africa

Adoption can be described as the actual process where one or more people make an application to the  Children’s Court to become a parent of a child that can be either biologically related to the parent or not. Who is adoptable according to the laws of South Africa?: Anyone under the age of 18 years […]


STEP 1 – Sign an offer to purchase a house from the Seller using an Estate Agent (if applicable); STEP 2 – Bond Application done for the Loan : Bond application forms part of the “suspensive condition” (conditions that need to happen before the sale). Another common suspensive condition is the sale of an existing […]

The duties of an Executor in a deceased Estate.

Nobody likes to think about the fact that they will one day die. It is a horrible visual but what about those who are left behind? This article will discuss the duties of the executor and how they help those through that process. During your life you acquire assets for example houses, cars, shares, etc. […]

Payment Holiday’s

This article aims to discuss the necessity of open communication between yourself and your attorney especially when seeking and setting up a payment holiday plan. Many people will at some point in their lives find themselves being involved in legal disputes. It goes without saying that litigating on a matter can take quite a while, […]

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Securing your rental deposit

  Residential properties : Securing your security deposit Section 5 of the Rental Housing Act (RHA) allows a landlord to take a deposit from a tenant before the tenant moves into the property. This amount must be stipulated in the lease agreement and is generally an amount that is equal to 1 month rental. The […]