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Dear Sir/Madam   To all of our clients, we would like to share that we take your confidentiality and your privacy seriously. With the POPI Act coming into effect from today, 1 July 2021, we would like to confirm your consent to continue sending our communication.     We understand that many of us are […]


Change can be difficult but without it we wouldn’t be able to learn to grow. A message from Jessica Schwenn: “It has officially been a year since I took over this firm, a year of doing my best to keep the legacy that was created going – even on the hardest days. When I took […]

Void and Voidable marriages.

An engagement is the only valid basis for a marriage. It is two party’s willingness to enter marriage. What are some of the circumstances where the marriage can be considered void? These are known as material mistakes: The mistaken identity of a person – this usually does not happen as one sees their soon to […]


Dear clients, As a firm we are understanding of your worries during this time regarding the masters offices and the estates matters held. Please note that we have a candidate attorney that goes to the masters offices almost everyday and as you can see from the lines below it is on most days almost impossible […]

What makes a will valid according to the law of succession?

A will is meant to be a voluntary and unilateral document which expresses the wishes of the Testator. The will usually contains three things: The bequeathed assets; The extent of interest bequeathed in the assets; and The identity of the beneficiaries who would inherit such assets. No will is valid however, unless it contains the […]

The Summons

Many people do not know what a summons is and if they do they do now know the full extent of details for which it should hold.   There are two main types of Summons namely: A Combined Summons: this is mainly used where one is not suing on a liquidated demand or debt; and […]