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Void and Voidable marriages.

An engagement is the only valid basis for a marriage. It is two party’s willingness to enter marriage. What are some of the circumstances where the marriage can be considered void? These are known as material mistakes: The mistaken identity of a person – this usually does not happen as one sees their soon to […]


Dear clients, As a firm we are understanding of your worries during this time regarding the masters offices and the estates matters held. Please note that we have a candidate attorney that goes to the masters offices almost everyday and as you can see from the lines below it is on most days almost impossible […]

What makes a will valid according to the law of succession?

A will is meant to be a voluntary and unilateral document which expresses the wishes of the Testator. The will usually contains three things: The bequeathed assets; The extent of interest bequeathed in the assets; and The identity of the beneficiaries who would inherit such assets. No will is valid however, unless it contains the […]

The Summons

Many people do not know what a summons is and if they do they do now know the full extent of details for which it should hold.   There are two main types of Summons namely: A Combined Summons: this is mainly used where one is not suing on a liquidated demand or debt; and […]

Alert level 3 regulations as amended in January 2021.

Many of us are so confused as to what our rights under these various alert levels are especially when they keep changing. This blog is a list of the regulations as newly amended in January 2021.   Curfew has been changed to the hours of 21:00pm – 05:00am. This curfew however does not apply where […]

Quick steps for the Executor to follow in an estate

The Deceased’s Estate must be reported in the jurisdiction where he/she lived at the time of death; The Executors duties arise as soon as the Master of the High Court issues them with a Letter of Executorship and will only terminate should he/she dies or where the Master or the Court relieves them; The Executor […]